May 31, 2024

Your tears taste like

Your tears taste like iodized salt

Like when you opened your arms on an empty beach on a windy day and the sun blessed your face and your lips parted and you


I can even taste the grit of the sand

that lingered between your teeth right after

and the way it chapped your lips,

leaving cracks of iron taste.

I can taste the blue of your eyes and

the grain of of your damp cheek

the drop makes a path through the lines around your nose,

the ones you didn’t have when we met

they tell the story of the way we fell in love,

and that makes me happy,

they tell of the years we were apart,

and that makes sad.

Your tears taste like the past months of sunday mornings

and the hundreds of coffees you brought me in bed

and like the cuts my words left on your skin screaming

why did we have to try again

only to end up

tasting each others tears.

maybe i can help :)

I am no life expert. In fact life throws me a lot of lemons. But I'm pretty good at making lemonade, being resilient and (I've been told) giving advice. So, if you need an outsider's perspective, I'm here! On love & relationships, on family issues, on work, on anything really. I'll give you my take and maybe (hopefully) it'll help. 100% anonymous of course.

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